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Set It On Fire!

I recently purchased a box of dirt-cheap 6mm terrain. For $40 I got emplacements, a couple dozen houses, railroad tracks, bridges and more. The sculpts were basic and in some cases pretty crude. Normally I’d have just tossed the bad ones. But I was in one of those “waste-no, want-not” moods, and thought - why not just make it a wreck?

So I set it on fire.

I had seen the technique of making smoke or bombardment markers from clump foliage, of which I have a surplus. So I just combined that with a mediocre model and Bam! Instant scatter terrain.

I start with a house:

Ugly House

Next I drilled a hole in the roof for a piece of wire (in this case a piece of paper clip):

Burning (5)

I glued the wire in place in the hole in the roof and let dry:

Burning (6)

Once dry, I made a kebob of clump foliage by just pushing it down on to the wire. Use teh darkest green foliage you can (you can make your own in black from seat cushions, but that’s another tutorial). If you can use a single clump instead of several smaller bits, it makes for a more stable smoke plume. If you use multiple, glue each on to the wire with super glue. If you use a single piece, no need to glue (you’ll see why):

Burning (7)

Next, in very thinned down PVA dunk the plume into the glue. Literally dunk it like a tater tot. Tap off the excess and leave to dry overnight. This step is much easier if the plume is a single piece of foliage. It has to be solid before you move on to the next step.

Once the white glue dry, spray paint the whole thing black or dark gray. Spray from underneath to get all the green covered. You’ll need to do several heavy passes, you may want to tape over the building to save what detail is left.

Burning (10)

Once that dries, all you need to do is paint. I decided to base these and make them into little vignettes, that I’ll put in and around towns or wherever I need to fill some empty space. Obviously you can do the same with almost any kind of terrain that will burn! It could even be a use for partial tank kits, etc.

Partially painted and flocked, just a few details to be finished off:

Burning 2

Burning 3

And the final piece:

Burning 20

Burning 21

Burning 22

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