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Magnetic Movement Trays: More than you ever wanted to know about how to make Magnetic Movement Trays for your games.


Basing Basics. A quick video tutorial on how I do my ground cover for my miniature armies. Be sure to check out this article in using basing to convey information too.


Your Friendly Local Fabric Shop: This is one of the great resources for wargamers. You can do an awful lot with a few pieces of fabric. I look at some different fabrics and offer some tips on how they can be used to enhance your terrain.


Making Fields Part 2: Still cheap easy and fast. Another video on making fast, cheap, good looking fields. This time for a slight expense, but even faster than my original method!


Making Fields: Cheap, easy and fast. A quick video guide to making cheap fields for your gaming table using paint, flock and free basing. How much cheaper can you get?

Did I mention cheap?

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