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Pocket Gettysburg:
Taking A Quick Pause

Now that I have completed at least the base of the game board, time to take a critical look at the entire project so far, and update our list of lessons learned.

  • The hardboard was a mistake. The screw heads are pulling out so the frame is popping apart. I can mess around and fix it, but the board will end up being more fragile than I had hoped.
  • The framework underneath did not completely connect. As a result the board flexes more than I would like. For the next one a better top board and complete frame underneath.
  • I did the tracing in bits and pieces. I should have done it all at once and all one one big sheet of paper. I’m having issues with relative positions not being quite right. I don’t mind that much but in future doing it all together will help keep those things straight.
  • I should have painted the base green and done the water before I did the hills. Having the hills in place makes it hard to lay the river masks on the board and get a good trace. Once the water was at least drawn on then I could have laid down the hills. Probably it would be best to scribe the water in, not draw it, that way I could paint over the “scribed” edges but they would still be easy to find for painting blue later.
  • The edges are messy. I had planned to put framing around the edges but now with the hills that won’t work. I’ll probably just trim the edges with a hobby knife and rip some wood edges to give the map a “frame.” But I’ll plan next time on putting in the framing right from the start so the hills all abut against the edges. that way I can caulk the edge or something.

Well, time enough for rest in the grave...on to step 5. Now the work really starts!

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