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Lil' Leipzig:
The Huge Little Game

A few years back I wanted to tackle a game rarely seen in the miniatures world: the Battle of Leipzig. With half a million men involved on a battlefield nearly 11 miles square, it is simply too big. Unless, of course, you go really, really small. Here’s the plan.


Using Grande Armee (slightly simplified) as the basis for the game, the first step is to convert from inches to centimeters. This gives us a ground scale of 1cm=100 yards, or about 7” to the mile. A map board that size is a relatively manageable 6x8 feet. Instead of a brigade being a 3” square it becomes a single 30x30 mm base.

I have started a Yahoo group for day-to-day discussion of gaming this monster, and you can join the fun here. I’ll be posting updates on the building of the terrain boards and the painting of the units here. I’ll be using a scenario designed by Neal Smith, so the OOB is ready to go. You can get the scenario in the files section of the Yahoo group link above. I have a map for building the terrain boards, and obviously have a lot of painting to do.

First step: organize, inventory and re-base where needed the miniatures I already have in various stages of completion.



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