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Transport Carrying Case

Like every gamer I face the inevitable transport issue. How do I safely get my minis from basement to gaming table across town (or across the country)? There are no shortage of solutions, but I have always been intrigued by cases OthRev Case4made specifically for miniatures. These come in a variety of forms, from the tray lined “pizza-box” to the top-of-the-line shoulder bag. One company offering such a shoulder bag is InterSponge, out of Singapore. The bag I have is their Transport 1.1 “Galaxy” model. It retails for $99 USD and that also includes three extra trays.

The case is made of black nylon. It is heavily stitched, and comes with a shoulder strap, two external pockets for rules and tools, and a small zippered “dice pouch.” Inside are a variety of foam trays. Each tray has a series of square or rectangular cells in which the minis are carried. Trays come in various depths and with various “cell” configurations. Upon OthRev Case1opening, the cells need to be “emptied.” The foam pulls out easily. One thing I did notice is that, given the way the cells are cut, it is easy to tear some cell walls when preparing the tray for use. The walls between cells measure about 3/8” and, in one direction, are partly scored. This makes their removal for customizing easy, but also makes them a tad more fragile than the un-scored sides. Cells come in two sizes, 25 mm and 32.5 mm. They are clearly designed for miniatures that are based separately, though by removing select walls, one can accommodate unit stands.

To test my case, I took 50 Old Glory Napoleonic British Infantry and stored them. I zippered the case and then proceeded to lay soccer with it, with my two year old. We gave it quite a good thrashing over the course of an afternoon. Aside from one bent flagstaff and one bent sword, every mini survived completely intact.

I do have one quibble with the main zipper - it opens on the diagonal. This is a good OthRev Case3thing, as it means you aren’t trying to “drop” trays down into the case. However, I find that it is easy to tip the trays out of the case when opening it. My solution was to buy a velcro strap to wrap the trays with when in the case. This $1.99 makes my minis secure from their worst enemy - me!

The case is not cheap, that’s for sure. But for $99 you get a case that I think will stand up to years of abuse. And, considering it holds 6 or more trays, you can carry at least 240 minis with ease.

OthRev Case2

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