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What’s Cooking?

    Grand tactical? Fast play? Overall contents - includes army lists? Scenarios (how many, examples) Author, publisher, publication date.

    Suitable For:

    What periods is the game suitable for (as described by the author/publisher themselves).


    Strategic/Grand Tactical/Tactical/Skirmish

    Base Unit Size:

    What do most units represent? Note this refers to units, not stands. Thus a “unit” may be a division comprised of 4 stands.


    Always in US dollars.

    Available From:

    Where to buy them.

    Date Published:


List Of Ingredients

    A description of the book - how bound, separate charts, etc. Price. Where to buy.

How Big? How Many? How Long?

    One figure = ?? 1 inch = ?? One turn =?

Basing, Braising, and Roasting: How To

    General description of basing for common units.

The Fancy Stuff

    Call out any unusual, innovative or controversial game mechanisms

The Good, the Bad, and the Incomprehensible:

    Easy to read? Good diagrams? Complete?

Where to Get Help If the Smoke Alarm Goes Off

    Home Page:


    Links & Resources:


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