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The main focus of these pages is historical miniatures, especially from the horse and musket eras. However, we all need a break from painting shako cords or camo patterns from time to time. The Annex is where you will find pages devoted to a random selection of other subjects.

The Ghastly Project - an interesting, if macabre, way to cheer up a cancer victim.

Please note: I have lost the sources for most of the photos, so if one of these is yours, please contact me and let me know!

I have always thought it would be great to fight the 100 Days campaign one a single map, instead of as four separate battles. Such a project was out of reach until Irregular Miniatures launched their new “Micron” Napoleonics line. Here is a report of my first replay of all four battles, using General de Brigade.

Miniature enthusiasts are always worried about the health of the hobby. Bad news: the hobby is in the ICU with a DNR order.

Here’s a review of the latest “miniatures” game that is proving very popular with the kids.

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