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Yes, Yes, Into the Deep Fryer! Where Do I Sign Up?

Would you like your product or service reviewed on these pages? We currently serve up over 7,000 page views per week, so it can be a good way to get your product in front of a lot of gamers - free! Of course, you have to have the confidence that you have a good product!

If you are interested, please send us an e-mail with what your product/service is. Why e-mail first? Simple. We simply want to let you know what our current project backlog is. We’d hate for you to send us your product and have to wait a long time for the review to get published (this is not, after all, simply a way to get free stuff without having to do anything in return). Plus, if you contact us first, and we agree to receive it, we guarantee your product will get reviewed within 60 days.

Any manufacturer submitting products for review will get a credit and link (obviously). If you want a banner ad as well, we are happy to oblige (please e-mail us for details).

What Happens If I Leap Before I Look?

If you want to just send us stuff and hope for the best, feel free. In this case, though, we make no guarantees of when (or if) your items will be reviewed though we generally try our best.

Where Should I Send Stuff?

Just drop it in the mail to:

Mark Severin
c/o Scale Creep Miniatures
P.O. Box 5647
River Forest, IL 60305
(708) 366-4675

What Happens To The Stuff When We’re Done With It?

I live in a small house, so being a pack rat is simply not an option. If it’s stuff I’ll use I’ll keep it. Otherwise I find it a good home. I may donate it (the Intersponge case went to the Little Wars charity auction, as did the Derivan Minis paints). In some cases I sell figures through my business web site - the revenue helps offset the costs of hosting and running this web site. In many cases I give the product away to anyone willing to pay the postage. Finally, you may see it wind up on Bartertown or some other similar web site (I’m not an E-bay seller - too much hassle - though I do put books on

If your item is particularly valuable, we can arrange to return it, provided you will pay the postage.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Yes. When I write a review, I try to make a good case for my opinion. So if I like or don’t like something I give reasons why. I also try to lay out my preferences up front, such as these for figure reviews. That way the reader knows in advance any prejudices I might have. I also call out that I own an internet based retail business, so people can determine on their own if I can be trusted (though, in many cases, the pictures speak for themselves).

When the web site is updated I do promote it on the internet at The Miniatures Page, on various Yahoo groups, and elsewhere. If you have suggestions on where to promote a review of your product, just let me know.

Finally, I try to make my points in a humorous way. Which means my black, sarcastic humor comes out. If I happen to launch a barb at your product, don’t take it personally - in the deep fryer everyone gets toasted equally!

Mark “Extra Crispy” Severin

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