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Here you can find a few choice words on a variety of subjects that, while related to miniatures and war gaming, are more broad in subject than, say, a product review.

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A penchant for monster games leads to the question, just how lethal are WW2 rules sets. We look at 50 T-34s facing off against 25 dug in Panzer IVs and crunch the numbers.

Every time a new set of rules for the Napoleonic Wars is published, there is an inevitable outcry - “Do we really need yet another set of rules for Napoleonics?” To help answer that question, here is a list of all the Napoleonic rule sets I know of. Got another to add to the list?

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Dal Gavan - of Spanner & The Yank fame - weighs in on his approach to doing product reviews. (An approach we are generally in agreement with). Used by permission.

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“This is an incredibly realistic paint job.” Just what does that claim mean? In the context of miniatures, what does “realistic” mean? Note: I’ll open the can of worms regarding realism and rules some other time.

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When is a millimeter really a millimeter and a half? Just a few comments on the phenomenon known as “scale creep.”

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The future of historical miniatures? Mike, the Yank from Spanner & The Yank, weighs in on a few aspects of the hobby.

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