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Welcome to 15 mm World. Until recently 15 mm was all we dealt with here. But we’re now ready to expand to 25 and 28, 6, 10 - heck we’re even thinking about 12.4! As we grow we’ll have separate pages for each scale. You know how they never get along anyway.... Here’s what we have on offer just now:


Here are a few brief notes on the seemingly innocent question that started all this madness in the first place!

Side-by-side reviews of 15 mm Napoleonic miniatures. We have over 20 brands with side-by-side photos, capsule comments and detailed reviews. So if you have ever wondered if Brand X will mix with Brand Y, now you can see for yourself! At present we have three sets of infantry comparisons - French, British, Austrian and Spanish.

Our side-by-side treatment was so popular we expanded it to cover the American Civil War. Here we cover infantry, cavalry and officers. There are still quite a few brands not yet represented - look for the pages to be filled out by July, 2012! We need to add our own Scale Creep ACW 2.0 and the new figs from Blue Moon Manufacturing.

I guess you can’t get enough of a good thing. If side-by-side reviews are a good thing, here are the latest: the American War of Independence. Known by the acronym AWI and to us Yanks as The Revolutionary War. Choose: Cavalry, Infantry Coming Soon: Artillery



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