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15mm Napoleonic Austrian Infantry

Well, Here I Go Again

There are 15 manufacturers of 15 mm Austrians, including the now apparently defunct Mirage. (Update May 1, 2005: Mirage is a new line, and Heritage aka Napoleonettes is now defunct. I will be updating the pages with Heritage and Table Top Miniatures soon. I will also be getting a Falcon figure in shako to replace the one in helmet shown here.) Here are the side-by-side shots. I’m really not happy with my painting on this batch, so try to look past the paint job!

Detailed reviews of each figure and more close-ups can be found by clicking on the manufacturer’s name.

Nap_15_Aus_SBS_Group A

  • AB: Really top of the line, as usual for Napoleonics.
  • Battle Honours: Sculpted by Anthony Barton, now co-founder of AB, an outstanding line, and a great value.
  • Chariot: A true 15 mm line, crisp and clean, though they can be a bit dwarfish.
  • Essex: The usual comments apply here - great casting, but gnomish anatomy. As for the pose, well, you can love your musket, just don’t love your musket.

Nap_15_Aus_SBS_Group B

  • Falcon Figures (UK): Just recently purchased by The Quartermaster in the U.S. these are a nice range.
  • Fantassin: More in line with the AB brand in size, and with a grittier style. Have a real tendency toward super-narrow backpacks, however.
  • Freikorp: A small range of good quality.
  • Irregular: The Irregular line is in the midst of an overhaul (as of July, 2004). These Austrians show the new size/scale of the line. A bit simple for my tastes.

Nap_15_Aus_SBS_Group C

  • Lancashire Games: A nice figure with decent detail.
  • Minifigs: I suppose I could almost write a generic review for the Minifigs line, they’re that consistent. Subtle in detail, exaggerated in pose, but with solid anatomy and outstanding production quality.
  • Mirage: This is a brand new line from the Polish maker of plastic model kits. Pricey (about $10 for 16 figures Update May 1 2005: Prices are $18 for 32 infantry, so slightly pricey) but very nice. The range is very limited but growing.
  • Naismith: Generally the smallest of the 15 mm lines, this figure is probably more properly called 12 mm (as he measures from boot sole to eye).

Nap_15_Aus_SBS_Group D

  • Old Glory: An unpredictable line, these are among their better figs. The anatomy is a bit off, but otherwise the detail is good.
  • Roundway: Plain and simple, in a good way. Well made with good anatomy.
  • Wildly Inspired: Currently unavailable as they undergo an ownership change, these Austrians clearly need a rework. Is that really a musket?

The Colors: This is only my second attempt at white uniforms, the Spanish infantry being the first. Frankly, I’m not at all happy with these results, but here’s how I got them. I primed black. Over the jackets and straps I base coated in Model Master Dark Gull Gray. The jackets were then highlighted with Ceramcoat Pale Ivory, the straps and equipment with Ceramcoat Warm White. The pants got a base coat of Polly S GTW Blue, and were then highlighted with this same color mixed 50/50 with Polly S Big Sky Blue. The contrast is not strong enough (you can hardly see it in these photos), and next time I would use a darker base and highlight with pure GTW. Next time. You’ll notice, of course, that I have not painted in the lace on the front of the pants. I tried on several figures and just wound up with big yellow patches. I’m leaving them off for now, but plan to practice a bit, then go back to all these figures and touch up all the cording.

Page Last Updated May 1 2005

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