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15mm Napoleonic Spanish Infantry

Here are the side-by-side comparisons of 10 different brands of Spanish infantry in 15 mm. Detailed reviews and close up photos can be found by clicking on the manufacturer’s name.

  • AB: Once again, AB stands at the head of the class. A nice pose, great proportions and wonderful detail. I’m glad to report, however, that their lead here is very small over Old Glory and Fantassin.
  • Battle Honours: Battle Honours routinely ends up ranked just behind AB (in some cases dead even). So no surprise that for this figure, I think it just as good as AB (the same may be said of their other Spanish infantry figures I’ve seen to date).
  • Essex: Another solid entry in the unique gnomish army that is the Essex line. Always clean, well cast and true to its aesthetic, if you like other Essex figures, you’ll like this one.
  • Falcon: An awkward and ungainly soldier. And wearing his bicorn fore and aft. If nothing else, it might make a nice change of pace. Otherwise not much to get excited about here.
  • Fantassin: This is a very good figure but not the best I’ve seen from Fantassin. I would rank it as a tie with the Old Glory, and just behind AB and Battle Honors. The equipment is too small, especially the backpack.
  • Lancashire: There are much better figures, but then there are also much worse. The pose really turns me off here.
  • Minifigs: The Spanish were known for abandoning all their equipment (even uniforms) during a rout/retreat. I guess this soldier lost his backpack that way. Otherwise another highly stylized pose.
  • Naismith: The smallest of the figures in this lineup, and the least attractive. The arms and musket proportions put this one at the bottom of the list.
  • Old Glory: This is one of the best Old Glory figures I have seen. I would rank it as tied for second place with Fantassin. The pose is dramatic without being ridiculous and the face is especially good. While he is a very well fed man, I can’t fault him for an efficient commissary!
  • Wildly Inspired: This is a good entry from the New Zealand based company. My prior experience did not give me much hope of liking this figure, but I think on par with the Essex figure (and with similar proportions).

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