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Reviews: The Editor's Two Cents' Worth

Looking for an opinion on your favorite wargaming product? Well, you may be in luck. I have personally reviewed at least 12 wargaming products, which means you have a better than 1 in 100,000 chance that I’ve reviewed the product you’re thinking about buying! Furthermore, I am now hosting the non-Napoleonic pages from the old Spanner & The Yank web site. That cuts your odds to at least 1 in 96,785! What more can you ask? So without further ado, please read my disclaimers page! Okay, so that was a little ado. Now on to the reviews!

Figure Reviews: The complete index of every figure review located on the web site, plus a few at other web sites we think particularly keen. They may be located in our 15mm World, or be from the old Spanner & The Yank web site, but you’ll find the complete list here.

Book Reviews: We certainly cannot claim to be an expert in any particular field, but we do know how to read intelligently!

Historical Rules Reviewed: Well, perhaps “reviewed” is a bit overstated. These are based on reading, not playing (unless otherwise noted). But we provide all the basic details, along with observations about how easy they were to understand, whether they were well or poorly illustrated, and so on.

Other Reviews: Just what it says. Paints, tools, supplies, services, you’ll find them all here.


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