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When we go looking for reviews, we tend to focus on miniatures and rules sets. Yet while these make up the lion’s share of our hobby, there are some equally important other items which do not get as much attention. Namely, accessories, paints and painting supplies, terrain and scenery, etc. For now we simply assign these to the category “Other” though in future these may grow into categories of their own.

There’s a new 6 mm terrain and building manufacturer out there - Simply 6. They provide both painted and unpainted terrain for 6 mm gamers.

From author Brad Butkovich comes River of Death, a book of scenarios from the Battle of Chicakamauga.

ML Brush02

Fernando Painting Service is now selling their own brushes under the Miniature Lovers brand name. The price may be right, but how is the quality?

First Empire - the Magazine. At $55 per year, probably not an impulse purchase. Survey says?!?

There are painting services everywhere now. Here’s a new one based in the UK. Aire Brush. How do they stack up? I’ll save you the suspense...really well!

It seems Asian painting services are catching on. Here we review the work of We weren’t impressed, but look at the photos and decide for yourself.

Once you have your minis painted, based, and ready to go, how do you get them there? For many gamers, a carrying case is the answer. Here is a look at one from InterSponge, based in Hong Kong.

No time to paint? Send them out. Philgreg, a well-known service based in Sri Lanka, took a crack at some 15 mm and 6 mm figures of ours. Here’s how they fared.


The Johhny Reb Gaming Society produces a newsletter called Charge! Filled with articles, scenarios and ads, but is it worth five of your hard earned dollars? Find out!

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