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Here are a few reviews of some select titles that have crossed my reading table lately. Those marked with an eagle are especially recommended.


Atlas of the Peninsular War 1808 - 1814, by Worley Publications


Art of Warfare in the Age of Napoleon, The, by Gunther E. Rothenberg


Battle, The: A Novel, by Patrick Rambaud.


Dictionary of the Napoleonic Wars, by David Chandler

Books Sm Eagle

Duke of Wellington and the Command of the Spanish Army 1812-14, by Charles J. Esdaile


European Armies 1796 - 1815, by D.W. International (Catalog)

Books Sm Eagle

Fatal Knot, The: The Guerrilla War in Navarre and the Defeat of Napoleon in Spain, by John Lawrence Tone.

Books Sm Eagle

Fighting Napoleon: Guerillas, Bandits and Adventurers in Spain 1808-1814, by Charles Esdaile


Historical Atlas of the Napoleonic Era, by Angus Konstam


Historical Maps of the Napoleonic Wars, by Simon Forty and Michael Swift.


In the Legions of Napoleon: The Memoirs of a Polish Officer in Spain and Russia 1808-1813, by Heinrich von Brandt. Translated by Jonathan North.


Liberators!  Napoleonic Wargaming in South America Volume I: The War in the South by John Fletcher


Life In Napoleon’s Army: The Memoirs of Captain Elzear Blaze, by Captain Elzear Blaze
Edited by Lt-Gen Charles James Napier


Napoleonic Battles, by Jonathan Sutherland

Books Sm Eagle

Napoleonic Source Book, The by Philip J. Haythornthwaite


Peninsular War, The: Aspects of the Struggle for the Iberian Peninsula, Edited by Ian Fletcher

Books Sm Eagle

Peninsular War, The, by Charles Esdaile


Prisoners of Cabrera, The: Napoleon’s Forgotten Soldiers 1809-1814, by Denis Smith


Profiles in Power: Napoleon, by Geoffrey Ellis

Books Sm Eagle

Rod of Iron: French Counterinsurgency Policy in Aragon during the Peninsular War, by Don W. Alexander.

Books Sm Eagle

Tactics and the Experience of Battle in the Age of Napoleon, by Rory Muir.


Too Few For Guns, by R.F. Delderfield









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