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February, 2005:

Simply in the interest of full disclosure: I am now in the miniatures business as a retailer (e-tailer) of, among other things, the Fantassin line of miniatures. My new company is called Scale Creep Miniatures, and you can see my ad in the right margin, just above the Google ads.

I have not, nor will I ever, change my reviews just because I may or may not sell a particular product line. As a merchant and buyer, I stock what my customer wants, not necessarily what I like. Not that I will stock everything, but I know that in this hobby matters of taste and budget drive many purchases. So I may stock product I don’t particularly care for. Conversely, I may wish my customer would press for something I want.

Currently I predominantly sell products in the Napoleonic period, but I expect this will expand rapidly. I do not intend to update this page every time I add a new product. Rather, I simply call your attention to the fact that there exists the possibility of a conflict of interest, and advise you to read the reviews accordingly.

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin
Owner, Manager, Janitor
Author, Webmaster, Whipping Boy

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