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Some lines are very much the same from item to item, showing a clear continuity of style. In many cases this is because they have all been sculpted by the same person. The British figures from Old Glory I have are mediocre overall. Poses tend to vary from comical to strange. Equipment and uniform details such as straps and cuffs are sculpted out of scale.

This Spanish figure, however, is of a much higher quality and is either by a different sculptor, or the same sculptor after much more experience. While he is, like most OG figures I have seen, very well fed, even rotund, this is an otherwise fine miniature.

The face is especially nice. The expression is good and it has real personality. I’m sorry my painting skills can’t do it better justice. The rest of the detail is also quite good. The musket bands are distinct and wrap around the entire barrel (!), the flintlock is there, and the barrel is distinguishable from the stock. The rest of the uniform shows as much attention to detail as to appropriate scale. The cuff flaps are a bit thick, but the cuffs are not, so the effect is not very noticeable (and the flap is easy to paint). The webbing is complete and easy to follow. Straps are not overly thick and paint up well. The leggings have nice button detail running up each side.

I also like the pose of this figure. Old Glory has been reproached in for having some very outrageous poses (such as this British one, or some of their Rifles here). So well known is this phenomena that there was a hilarious post on TMP (called something like “How To Be An Old Glory Miniature 101”) about some of the worst poses. Drawing especial scorn was the tendency for their figures to have their mouths open in a very wide O shape. No banshee here.

If this is the standard we can expect from Old Glory in future, they can look forward to more of my business.

Nap_15_Span_SBS_OG1 Nap_15_Span_SBS_OG2

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