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Side-By-Side Reviews:
15mm Napoleonic French Infantry

Here are the side-by-side comparisons of 21 different brands of French infantry in 15 mm. Detailed reviews and close up photos can be found by clicking on the manufacturer’s name.


AB: Once again the AB line gets top marks. The same comments as I made for my British apply - cost aside, the best figures put there.
Battle Honours: An outstanding line by the same sculptor as the AB line, but cheaper.
Chariot: In my opinion, a risky line to order - some sculpts are pretty good, some like this oddly proportioned soldier poor.
Essex: I’ll say this for them: they have a definite style they are going for. If you relish painting armies of gnomes, this is your miniature line.


Falcon: A solid if unspectacular line. They don’t seem to get real bad, but they don’t get real good either.
Fantassin: After AB, the best overall sculpts on the market today. And a lot cheaper. The one recurring issue: backpacks that are awfully narrow.
Freikorps: A nice true 15 mm line. It’s a pity they don’t have a wider catalog.
Gladiator: A very nice line, but very limited. Every pack features multiple poses. Some of the variations are small - just a tilt of the head or slightly different gait, but overall they make for a very pleasing result. (See my review of Gladiator NF1).


Irregular:  Another nice true 15 mm line from the UK. A very limited catalog but I hope new lines will be added soon.
Lancashire: A definite hit-or-miss line. I’ve seen some really bad sculpts from them but this French fusilier is clean, if a bit lacking in subtlety
Minifigs: Another highly stylized line with a clear and consistent look. The pose (that’s him third from the left above) looks more like a Marvel comic book than a real soldier.
MJ: This very nice figure is ruined by enormous arms and hands. Otherwise a very nice figure and I would definitely keep them on my radar screen.


Museum: This is one apathetic soldier - I would not want him in my army. His body language says defeat. Another ham-handed figure that is otherwise not bad.
Naismith: Nicely sculpted (though the pose is a bit uninspiring) and cast.
Old Glory: A very nice figure from Old Glory. The pose is not their normal ridiculous acrobatic move, the detail is nice, and the face is out of the ordinary (in a really good way).
Roundway: Basic, but good basic.
SHQ: I’m not sure why this figure looks so strange to me but it does. Perhaps its the death grip this fusilier has on his musket.


Table Top: Hey, what ever happened to old spaghetti-legs Dubois? Oh, mon ami, I’m sorry to tell you he was lost to a carnivorous shako. You know that shako has more leg room than my first car!
Allain Touller: A mediocre entry - though in an overcoat its hard to be overly critical. But the face is a mere blob and stock issues will probably always be the bete noir of this line.
True North: This line is currently on hiatus. It featured just French and Russians but this is a very nice French fusilier. Be aware: sold in packs of 32 with just one pose per pack. Ouch.
Wildly Inspired: Another victim of the scourge of carnivorous shakos. Like his Table Top comrade, this one also has stubby, spindly legs and tiny feet. Perhaps carnivorous shakos get the gimpy ones first?

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