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Figure Reviews: 20mm
WW2 British by AB Figures

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

07 June 2002

SY AB WW2 Brits Dig In 1

This is just a quick look at some samples sent to me by Nic Robson, of Eureka Miniatures. They're the new W.W.II British figures depicted in the act of digging in a defensive position. As to be expected, they're very nice figures and will be welcomed by the W.W.II fans out there.

SY AB WW2 Brits Dig In 2

The figures are in a variety of stances- some kneeling and some depicted as if they are standing in a partly dug pit. These seem to have been designed with a diorama in mind, as I'm not sure how often they'd appear on the games table.

SY AB WW2 Brits Dig In 3

Also included was a terrain piece depicting the troops’ gear and weapons. These troops must be trainees, as no trained soldiers would stack their packs and webbing on top of their weapons (or leave their weapons lying in the dirt, for that matter). If they were my troops I'd be kicking some anatomy when I saw this.

Nice figures, unusual poses. Check 'em out.

Have fun.


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