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Figure Reviews: 20mm
WW2 Germans by AB Figures

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

29 June 2002

SY AB WW2 German1

This is just a quick look at some samples sent to me by John Baxter. They're the new W.W.II German figures released by AB, and are sure to make fans of W.W.II Germans drool.

SY AB WW2 German2

The figures are in a variety of dress- some in the standard field uniform (the anklets indicate later war troops), some in greatcoats and one wearing the camouflaged shelter half or poncho. The lack of helmet covers smocks make me think these are Wehrmacht rather than SS. Weapons are Kar 98K rifles, MP 40 or pistols

SY AB WW2 German3

There's two casualty figures included and a nice NCO or officer with binoculars that would serve well as a FO or MFC. These should be a must for W.W.II 20 mm German forces.

Have fun.


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