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Figure Reviews: 20mm
British MG Team by AB Figures

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

April 19, 2002

SY AB WW2 Machine Gun

This isn’t a review. I received some exceptional samples with my last order from Eureka Miniatures, of an AB W.W.II British machine gun team. I’ve just started painting them and the good news is that, aside from being among Tony Barton’s best work, they’re very easy to paint. The above picture is a rush job for "Spanner & the Yank", of basic colors. Fine detail can be achieved. (The umber-washed, prone figure, would of course be laying in the other direction, feeding ammo.)

The increase from 18 mm to 20 mm, allows you to appreciate the detail Barton can produce. I don’t find the sculpting superior to his better Napoleonics. Rather, the additional 2 mm’s allows the figs to be seen and it’s this fact that makes the difference.

Due to the increased size, you’ll want to reduce the intensity of your paints. I applied a thin black wash to the first figure, and as diluted as it was, it collected densely in the eye socket. (You’ll find that he has pupiled his eyes.)

These are excellent miniatures… 10’s. Unfortunately for me (digressing), collecting W.W.II figures doesn’t hold much interest. 50 shades of gray, olive, and brown. At most, you play skirmish games that suspend all credulity, considering the range of the weapons.

Recently, some 10 mm SYW figures were released. Would that the colorful uniforms of the 17th-18th Century were rendered in 20 mm by an artist like Barton, and W.W.II figs in 10 mm. You need the additional table space for the latter, while larger figures of the former are needed, to fully appreciate the visual impact of the period’s color and pageantry.

These AB’s reconfirm our belief that 20 mm is the ideal figure size. (Shame on the outfit that launched 15’s.) Were I the Grand Pooba of historical miniatures, I’d set wargaming sizes at 10 mm and 20 mm, eliminating 15’s and 25-28’s.

Click on the link to Eureka Miniatures if you are a W.W.II aficionado! Really fine work.



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