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Figure Reviews: 15mm
WW2 British by BattleFront (Part 2)

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

28 December 2001

W.W.II gaming has always been popular and is currently undergoing a resurgence of interest among gamers. Some innovative new game systems have added to the appeal. An appeal also spurred on by the number of movies released in the last couple of years no doubt. My son Ray (aka General Slobski) bought these miniatures (from The Tin Soldier), his inspiration being the great terrain produced by Chris Lloyd for his Arnhem scenario. So I thought I'd do a quick thumbnail review on these figures. Battlefront are a New Zealand company and are another new one to me. If these figures and models are an indication of their work then you won't be disappointed with their figures.

The infantry. BattleFront have done a pretty good job of these figures. Measuring 15 mm from sole to eye they are cleanly cast with minimal flash, in what appears to be a standard white metal alloy. There's plenty of detail on the figures, including the scrim nets on some helmets.

SY Brit Inf Command 1

Part of the command pack- NCO, RTO, officer and NCO

The figures come well packed in a cardboard box which has a perspex window in it, so you can see what you're getting.

SY Brit Inf Command 2

More of the command pack- marching soldier, kneeling officer, NCO and pointing officer

Each box cost AUD$9.95 and Ray got either 1 tank, 20 command figures or 6 HMG with crews in each box. The Tin Soldier sells all the boxes for same price but there are some price variations on BattleFront's site.

SY Brit Inf Command 3

And the last figure variations we found in the command pack- two officers

There were 10 variations in the 20 command figures in the pack, allowing for some varied command stands or the use of particular figures as Forward Observers, etc.


The HMG pack had 6 Vickers guns and 14 other crew members. Depending on your game scale this gives you a full MG platoon, company or battalion.


The tank. BattleFront cast the hull and turret of their vehicles in resin but the gun and running gear in white metal. This is a bloody good idea as it puts the weight in the bottom of the model, making it more stable, and a resin gun would be very brittle and easily broken.


The detail on the vehicle is great, coming a long way from the old Hinchliffe white metal kits I used to use. I can't comment on measurement accuracy but the tank looks like a Comet.

SY BF Comet 1

SY BF Comet 2

BattleFront also provide decal sheets and aircraft to the same scale. Gamers these days are certainly spoiled!

Recommended. If you're looking to add some figures to your W.W.II collection, why not check these out. With the NZ$ even lower than the Pacific Peso they should be cheap even with P&P.

Have Fun.



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