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Figure Reviews: 28mm
Modern British Infantry by Glen Brooks

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

08 September 2002

This is just a quick look at some samples, sent to me by Lee Abbott (aka Colonel Chinstrap) from the UK. Glen Brooks is a new face to manufacturing, at least for me, and has started with a subject he knows very well- the modern British army.

SY Brooks 1

Standing unsupported, with LSW and SA 80, and advancing.

The range to date only covers the Poms and there are 17 different figures in the range. These come in a variety of poses and with the expected weapons for infantry actions- LSW, SA 80 and AW. The figures come either individually for 1.00 or in fireteam packs of four figures (1 LSW and three riflemen, one with LAW) for 3.50. The LAW troops have a separate rifle, as can be seen above. The detail is very nice, with even the beret band visible. The troops can be ordered with beret or helmet, the latter coming with the foliage straps. Future release plans include some Taliban figures and then Glen's open to suggestions, apparently.

SY Brooks 2

Light? Anti-Armoured Weapon on right and two more infantrymen.

The metal is a hard, rigid and bright alloy that holds the detail well. The figures themselves should fit in well with other similar ranges, but these benefit from Glen's experience in a green skin- they have a feel about them that many ranges don't have. Whether it's the sit of the webbing or the carriage of the weapons, they look like the subject.

Well worth looking at.

Have fun.


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