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Figure Reviews: 28mm Ark of
the Covenant by Castaway Arts

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

12 October 2003

Last weekend I took my annual pilgrimage to MOAB, a major Sydney convention. On reason I go is to look up old mates and to look at the traders' stands. This year I also made a point of meeting Gerry Webb, the sculptor and owner of Castaway Arts. We had the usual natter and Gerry passed on this set for me to review, after I'd admired the painted and assembled set on his display case. It would be enough to tempt me into a new period, had I the time...

SY Castaway Ark 1

The set is very well cast in a hard, white metal alloy. There was no flash, minimal seams and the metal reproduced the detail very well. The kit comes with 9 parts- five priests (one blowing a horn and four to carry the ark), the ark "box", lid and two carrying poles. The figures measure between 27.5mm and 28 mm from sole to eye. The proportions are very good, though the animation is necessarily restrained (after all, these blokes are lugging a huge, golden box around- their hernias won't allow much in the way of gymnastics!)

I can't comment on accuracy, as I don't even have a passing acquaintance with the dress of these people at this point in history. The men are bearded and wear a mix of helmets and robes, giving a definite "Mid Eastern Biblical" appearance. The trumpeter has a brigandine (forgive me for not knowing the correct term) chest piece as well, for extra protection.

SY Castaway Ark 2

The quality of figures being produced by Australian sculptors is continually surprising me. Gerry is another one whose work is very impressive and well worth a look. If you need a set like this for your army then you won't be able to go past this. Even if you don't, as a showpiece this is worth looking at. And when the gold-plated ark set comes out.....

Thoroughly recommended.

Have fun



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