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Assorted Figures by Castaway Arts

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

20 July 2003

On occasions we have reviews submitted by manufacturers. Our guidelines are simple- good images of the figures and a good description of the figure that's pictured. Gerry Webb, the man behind Castaway, sent us some good photo's and detailed commentary to go with them. For those of you attending Historicon, you should be able to see these figures for yourselves. Dal.

Post (pre?)script. The figures you can see here were sent to me by Gerry and arrived today. So I can add the following to Gerry's review:

The figures are very well cast with no flash and practically invisible seams but with very minor surface pitting on a couple of figures. The metal is similar to that used by Nic at Eureka- softish but it holds the detail well. The figures measure 25.5 mm from sole to eye. The horse and camel are very nice- in proportion and well animated (though the offside foreleg on the camel looks a little strange). I hadn't seen these figures before and I've very impressed with the quality of them. Dal.

SY Castaway Sudanese

This is one of the mahadist or fuzzy wuzzy hordes which opposed the British and Egyptian armies in the Sudan. The spear can be fixed in either hand, or the figure can carry one of our accessory pack rifles or swords. With a standard pole and flag he can also be a standard bearer or commander. There are 19 different figures in the Sudanese range, plus three different camels and 3 horse poses.


We also have a large ancients range, here's a pic of a
lively version of our Ark of the Covenant set,
 painted by a friend, Vince Salvato.

SY Castaway Ark

We will release our new Franco Prussian cavalry and artillery crews at Historicon in July 2003. There are 2 different rank and file poses, as well as an officer and this trumpeter. In addition we have 6 new completely different horse poses for this range. Gamers and collectors can create lively animated units with an exceptional variety of poses. We already have 30 foot figures in our Franco Prussian ranges.

SY Castaway Camel

From our Sudan British Colonial range, this figure represents 19th century 'special forces'. The Camel Corps was an elite and specially equipped force sent trough the desert to attempt to rescue General Gordon in Khartoum. This figure wears the specially designed uniform with anti-glare goggles, sun helmet and Martini Henry rifle held at the ready. Cavalry for this range will be released at Historicon 2003, making a total of 21 different figures, three different camels and 6 horse variants for the camel corps. In addition there are ambulance, supply and water camels, plus native drivers and carriers, everything needed to re-create the camel Corps.
SY Castaway Water Mule

From our transport range, this figure is useful for all eras from antiquity to the present. We also make a baggage mule and baggage camels, all in different poses. Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics, and there's no need to neglect the supply train in your games. Or you can inflict these impediments on hapless players so they have rear areas to worry about and protect.

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