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Figure Reviews: 10mm
Assorted Figures by Chariot Miniatures

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

26 August 2001

I ordered the figures from Mick Sellmann of Mick's Metal Models, an Australian importer of the figures and one of the few firms who gives Eureka a nudge when it comes to service. Mick sells them in packets of 12 foot, 6 riders and mounts or three guns for AU$3.60.

Physical Quality. The figures varied between 10 mm and 10.5 mm sole to eye. The metal is of average hardness and easily bends back to shape. The detailing is surprisingly clear for the size of the figure, though there's less detail than on the GHQ figures Mike reviewed. Moderate flash, especially on the bases. There's some variation in the level of detail, etc., in the packs and I'll deal with each period separately. Some packs have pose variations and this is noted where applicable. The samples sent covered from the early Romans to the Franco-Prussian War. Though we normally limit ourselves to reviewing ranges from the period 1670 to 1870, I decided to look at all these figures so people will get a broader idea of how they stack up. The current catalogue shows ranges from the Roman Republic, the Carthagenians, Zulu War and W.W.II (with vehicles).

Romans and English Civil War: There were three packs- IR1 (Roman Command), KP1 (Armoured Pikemen) and KP10 (dismounted dragoons). As expected, the IR1 pack included four centurions, four musicians and four vexillifers. There were two types of pikemen, one with tassets and one without. The dragoon pack contained only one pose I could find.

SY char10_1

There's a surprising amount of detail on these figures, but they suffer from some proportion problems- large heads and short legs. Still they are a viable alternative for those with an ambition leaning towards eye-strain. Rating 7.5 out of 10.

American Civil War: There were two packs- ACW 22 (Iron Brigade) and ACW 104 (Cavalry in kepi with pistol). Both packs were multi-pose, with the infantry having four poses and the cavalry three.

SY char10_2

The infantry were better proportioned than the Romans and ECW, if a little wooden in pose. The sack coat and dress hat with lowered brim are clearly defined and the detail is good. Rating 8 out of 10.

SY char10_3

The cavalrymen have largish heads and the poses are a little wooden. The figures are a one-piece casting, with some variation in pose. The horses are surprisingly good for the scale, despite having longish heads. The proportions and animation of the horses are good and comparable to most 15's. Rating 8 out of 10.

Franco-Prussian War: There were three packs- PUG 7 (Bavarian Infantry Command), PUG 10 (German Hussars) and SFE 5 (Zouaves in turban). The French infantry were single pose, as were the hussar riders. The horses in the hussar pack were multi-pose and moulded separately to the riders. The command pack included officer, standard bearer and drummer.

SY char10_4

The infantry were reasonably proportioned and detailed, the best being the zouave. There's plenty of detail. Rating 7.5 out of 10.

SY char10_5

The cavalrymen are better proportioned and animated than their ACW brethren. The figures are a two-piece casting, with some variation in the horse poses achieved by the sculptor turning the horse heads slightly. The horses aren't as good as the ACW ones, though, with too-large heads. Rating 7.5 out of 10.

Overall: They have one big point in their favour- the price. These figures cost less than 1/2 the price of their GHQ counterparts. The ranges are being added to regularly, which is another plus. All in all, though being less detailed and less well proportioned/animated than GHQ's offering, I think the price difference and continually increasing ranges will make these a better buy.

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