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Figure Reviews: 15mm
WSS Figures by Dixon Miniatures

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

18 May 2002

Gary Amos is a mate from the UK. He's a talented painter and has an amazing collection of figures. Gaz was kind enough to offer a review and photo's of his Dixon 15 mm French WSS collection (after only a moderate nagging and beating). Although not a new range, these figures stack up well against others on the market and are worth looking at. Dal.

Dixon WSS GNW 1

General Points:

The range is fairly limited, but this hasn't been a problem with this period as it's possible to mix units of Dixon figures with units from other manufacturers. As units they mix well with Roundway (and therefore Minifigs) and Freikorps. You can, however, mix figures from Dixon's War of the Spanish Succession and Great Northern War ranges in the same unit.

The horses are pretty basic and limited to only four types, but still pretty good. As the riders are sold separately, you could always mount them on horses from other manufacturer's if you're that bothered.

The figures are all well proportioned. I've checked at recent shows and they're still virtually flash free. Preparation is usually only the removal of mould lines and the odd bit of straightening. The metal is quite hard, but my figures have passed the 'drop test' successfully. I've been told that they're designed by the same guy who does the Two Dragons ranges.

Dixon WSS GNW 2

Bad Points:

Some of the infantry poses are a little odd and their leg positions make the bases larger or wider than some rules allow. For example, I had to clip the bases of my 'Irish' figures to get them in. These figures are a pretty good example of what I mean about pose because I'm not sure what the pose is meant to represent, but I wouldn't like to stand like that for too long!

There aren't any field officers in the range so you'll have to find them elsewhere (I use Roundway / Freikorps)

Dixon WSS GNW 3

Good Points:

The figures paint up very easily and lend themselves to a variety of painting styles, so it's easy to knock out units quickly. The figures in the photos were rushed out, to provide sufficient units for a decent sized game with a mate who was due to visit. As I said, the range mixes well with Roundway and Freikorps, but only as complete units, not as figures mixed within the same unit. This isn't just a case of relative size, but because each of the manufacturers has a very distinctive style of sculpting which shows differences even in 15 mm scale.

Dixon WSS GNW 4

Scores: As figures I'd give them 8 out of 10, let down only by the horses and the occasional 'odd' pose.

As a range I'd only give it 6 out of 10 because of the lack of variety and the obvious gaps.

Dixon WSS GNW 5

Other info:

Address - Dixon Miniatures
Spring Grove Mills
West Yorkshire
Tel / fax: 01484 846162

Website: Click here.


Dixon WSS GNW 6


Gary Amos

[Note from the DeepFriedHappyMice editor: The prices in this review are NOT current!]

The figures are sold in packs, with cavalry horses and riders coming separately. Packs are usually 10 figures for infantry and 5 for cav or horses. There are also army packs available. The prices are:

10 Figure Packs 2.25

Command Packs 2.25

4/5 Figure Packs 1.25

Guns 1.25

Army Packs 36.00

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