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Figure Reviews: 15mm
WW2 Australians by Eureka Miniatures

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

31 May 2003

This is a quick look at some samples sent to me by Nic Robson. Designed and sculpted by Mike Broadbent, the figures represent Australians in the Western desert campaigns of W.W.II.

SY Eureka WW2 Aus 1

The figures are designed wearing greatcoats. This may seem like an unusual form of dress for the North African deserts, but it was in fact quite common. While deserts are very hot during the day, the lack of humidity and vegetation means they're also very cold at night and at dawn. Australian troops stormed the Italian fortified town of Bardia in 1941, wearing greatcoats.

SY Eureka WW2 Aus 2

The metal is a hardish white metal alloy that holds the detail well. The figures themselves are generally very well proportioned and animated. They are depicted with covered and uncovered helmets, some with packs and some without and the distinctive Australian anklets that were worn. There's a mix of weaponry, from SMLE to Vickers MG and a 3" mortar.

SY Eureka WW2 Aus 3

My scanner is starting to fail, so the detail isn't shown as well as it could be. Generally the figures are very nicely done. As a bonus a bit of putty can be added to the helmet, to give the British '44 pattern tin hat. Then these figures, bar the soldier with the Thompson, could also be used for Australians in the Korean War. Or, with a deft application of the paintbrush, they could serve as Kiwis, South Africans, British or other troops fighting Rommel in the desert.

SY Eureka WW2 Aus 4

The price and packaging details are:

300WWT01 Australians at Bardia - infantry with rifles (8) A$0.75
300WWT02 Australians at Bardia - infantry with SMG(1) A$0.75
300WWT03 Australians at Bardia - Bren Gunners (2) A$0.75
300WWT04 Australians at Bardia - Boyes A/T rifle (1) A$0.75
300WWT05 Australians at Bardia - Officer (1) A$0.75
300WWT06 Australians at Bardia - mortar and crew (1) A$3.00
300WWT07 Australians at Bardia - Vickers MG & crew (1) A$3.00

SY Eureka WW2 Aus 5


Have fun.


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