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Figure Reviews: 20mm
Roman Auxilla by Hat

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

14 June 2003

SY Hat Auxillia 1

HäT box # 8065, Roman Auxiliaries, has 45 figures, 5 sprues of 9 each. The figures are Roman Auxiliaries from the period of about the Early Empire, and a bit later. There are 9 different figures on the sprue, but there are two holding their spear upright which are similar and 3 thrusting underarm which are similar.

SY Hat Auxillia 2

The upright spear can be replaced with a standard or musical instrument. The others figures are striking over arm with spear, arm extended thrusting with sword , striking over hand with sword and arm drawn back to thrust with sword. All have flat oval shields, trousers, tunic, mail coat to thighs, and helmet with neck and side pieces.

SY Hat Auxillia 3

The animation is good, the castings are clean with little flash. The shields have a hole in the center and fit on pegs extending from the left hand. They assemble easily and stay assembled with white glue, goop or the new poly glue. Painting is straight forward and simple. In the attached pictures, the standard bearer has a standard stolen from another figure set.

SY Hat Auxillia 4


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