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Figure Reviews: 15mm
WSS Figures by Minifigs

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

SY Minifigs WSS 1We all of need an occasional change of scenery. I've become a bit listless reading almost entirely about the years between 1793-1812, and began taking an interest in The Seven Years War. I couldn't find a 15 mm range for the period, but noted Game Figures, Inc. (in Aurora, Colorado), planned to launch one and is presently producing a line of 15 mm Minifigs for the War of the Spanish Succession (1702-1713). I contacted them for samples.

Tom Dye (the president of GFI) sent some and I'm impressed. Not an old timer in wargamer terms, I did remember the initial Minifigs 25 mm’s. They did nothing for me. But Dal had mentioned things afoot with the company, and these are a new generation in a revitalized line. While you can see the lineage of early Minifig design, these miniatures should really be evaluated by new standards. They are 'true' 15 mm’s, measuring 15 mm from foot to eye-level. They are cleanly cast and have good detail. While not on a level with AB's, but I definitely think they're superior to Old Glory and allow us AB aficionados to explore other time periods and other battles.

The samples I received were helpfully a hodgepodge of a few from different armies (see photo). They did not know I'd be reviewing the figures. The line consists of British, French, Austrian-Hungarian, Dutch, Bavarians, Spanish, Danish, Prussians, Russians and Swedes (some war). They are sold in bags of 24 figs w/ command, 8 mounted w/ command, and three guns with 12 gunners. The price is US$6.50 per pack.

SY Minifigs WSS 2

I wanted to call these to your attention, as there's so little I see that I can recommend in the periods I'm interested in. I'll hold off doing a review until I've purchased a couple of bags and painted a few. The proof is in the painting. But on this initial look, they're winners and would probably blend in nicely with those collecting Battle Honors. They'll probably fall in the 6 5-7.0 range on our scale, and push OG's down into the 4.6-6.0 area. Unlike AB, there are no height discrepancies. That's a boon.

SY Minifigs WSS 3


(1) They're stiff vs. animated -- the key thing they have in common with earlier Minifigs. This might be a drawback were I collecting ACW, for example. But for the linear armies of the 18th C., it actually may be a plus. (As yet, I don't know if they come in multiple positions.)

SY Minifigs WSS 4

(2) The one mounted figure I received sat way too low in the saddle. He looked like a low rider cruising Whittier Blvd. The problem is that the horse's back is hollowed out too deeply. I was able to remedy this by boosting him in the saddle with 3 mm of milliput -- an easy fix -- and it looks fine. But I would recommend the reworking of molds for such mounts. The furniture also looked suspiciously late 18th C., the valise neatly cylindrical. This can be remedied, but such points will be addressed after I've acquired some off-the-line product.

SY Minifigs WSS 5

They are the only other 15 mm figs -- aside from AB's and Battle Honors -- I would recommend. The period is colorful, the history complex. Check them out. I will provide a more detailed review in the coming weeks.

SY Minifigs WSS 6

Happy Gaming!


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