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Figure Reviews: 15mm
Condottiere Figures by Mirliton

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

23 March 2002

Here's some scans of some of my new 15 mm Mirliton Condotta figures. Obviously, I'm quite excited by them. They are scanned right out of the bag, with no work, to show what little flash they have. Note the fine proportion, the detail, the variations, and the extra lances that the knights come with. The figures of Niccolada Tolentino and his entourage have come straight out of Uccello's Battle of San Romano. Look at a print, and you will recognize them. Gattamalatta, who I have not scanned, seems to be based on Donatello's sculpture. I looked at a photo of the statue, and the face is recognizable! These figures are incredible.

Vincent Tsao

SY MirlCon 1

SY MirlCon 2

SY MirlCon 3

SY MirlCon 4

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