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Figure Reviews: 15mm
Wagons by Museum Miniatures

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

17 August 2003

Jim Davis is a wargamer from Texas. I recently sent him some 15 mm wagons and he kindly sent me pics of them, once they were painted. For some reason we've never covered Museum's ranges of figures and accessories. It's a pity as they're rather good, and I have a Lancastrian army and a wagon train that were done by them while my wife's Normans are mainly Museum. This photo-review will give you a good idea of what Museum offer and how nice they look, once painted. I'll see if I can get a review of their figures done, next weekend.

Museum's wagons come with both spoked and solid wheels, so that they cover a greater period of history. They come complete with cargo, draught horses and a couple of driver figures. These last are in a generic combination of dress that could be found through most periods of history.

SY MuseumWagon 1

There's quite a variety of carts and wagons, from large timber carriers and barrel wagons to small carts like that above. They're well moulded and detailed, though the horses and drivers aren't up to the quality of an AB figure. Still, as Jims photo's show, they do paint up nicely.

SY MuseumWagon 2

Three views of a large barrel wagon, with spoked wheels

SY MuseumWagon 3

SY MuseumWagon 4

SY MuseumWagon 5
SY MuseumWagon 6

If you're looking for some wagons or carts then I can easily recommend these to you.

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