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Figure Reviews: 15mm
SYW Turks by Old Glory

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

The figures used in this review were provided by Theofanis Kalevras. Thanks, Uncle!

5 April 2003

When I first saw these figures I thought they were Chariot figures. The posing, proportions and clean sculpting didn't resemble the OG figures I've seen. The animation is a far cry from the normal OG "scurry", for example, and the figures are smaller than their usual- about 15.5mm sole to eye.

These figures are supposed to be for the Seven Years War. However, as they didn't exist then, they can only be used for the Napoleonic period. See Theo's post at the GdB forum for the details- I have very little knowledge about the Turks.

SY OG SYW Turk 1

Proportions are a problem, though. The heads look too large and the legs too short in the thigh. Faces are reasonable, however, and the animation is relaxed and natural. If you want some Turks to kick the French out of Egypt, these may be worth a look.

Have fun.


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