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Figure Reviews: 15mm
Marian Romans by Pass O the North

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

I received a DBA pack of Marian Romans recently. Every possible variation listed in the 2.0 DBA lists for this army are in the pack, including a general fighting in a legionary element and a general fighting in a Roman cavalry element, plus a group of engineers to adorn your camp site, or work on that ramp you’re building. There is little flash on these figures and the sculpting is very fine, with the kind of detail that makes painting easy for the likes of me. My wife notes that the sculptor does my work for me. The one caveat is that these figures suffer from that very frequent tin soldier problem, namely big heads. Shields and weapons are separate. This means some extra work, but will yield more variations in the resulting army. The figures measure 15 to 16 mm from bottom of foot to the eyes. Enough talk, on to the scans:

SY PassMarianRoman1

Here we see Numidian skirmishing foot and Roman legionaries. Note the separate shields and pila that look like pila, and the distinctive Numidian hair style.

SY PassMarianRoman2

Here we see the manipular or cohort command command, with centurion, standard bearer (signifer), musician and a sword wielding legionary. All the legionaries are in mail tunics.

SY PassMarianRoman3

Here are the figures you need if your general decides to fight in the legionary ranks. The standard here is the legionary eagle.

SY PassMarianRoman4

Here, from left to right, are Spanish cavalry, horses, and Roman general and cavalry.

SY PassMarianRoman5

Here is a Numidian light horseman and his bareback pony, and the Roman engineers, busy at work. Well, one of them is mopping his brow and holding what appears to be a jar of wine. Perhaps it’s break time.

The figures that somehow evaded the scanner are: Spanish caetrati, Roman auxilia and a pair of Balearic slingers just about to release their stones.

This pack will give you all the figures you need for a DBA army. If you’re using other rules, the figures are also available by the bag. Pass o' the North's site can been accessed by clicking on the title.

Vincent Tsao

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