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Figure Reviews: 10mm
Assorted FIW Figures by Pendraken

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

24 August 2002

Dave Pengilley of Pendraken sent me samples of his just-released French and Indian Wars (FIW) figures. In the bag were over 30 figure variations, covering the gamut from French and British regulars to Canadian and British-American militia and, of course, some American Woods Indians. There's been a couple of new FIW ranges released lately, in the larger scales, so this theatre of the Seven Years War seems to be undergoing a resurgence.

SY Pend FIW 1
Once again the range of figures and the detail makes me think this is one of Dave's pet subjects. All up there are 13 different packs in the range so far. Each pack contains command figures as well as a variety of poses. A pack contains 30 infantry or 15 cavalry and will set you back a mere 2.50 (about the price of a 28 mm cavalryman). The packs released cover British and French Irregulars (both early and later dress for the Brits and Truope de la Marine and de la Terre for the French), British light infantry in various forms of dress, Roger's Rangers Coereur de Bois. I don't know this period very well at all, but it looks like a comprehensive offering.

SY Pend FIW 2

The castings were clean with little flash, though some had largish casting stubs on the base bottoms. Breakages were nil, despite the best attempts of Australian and British post offices (the bag they came in was slightly torn, though). The metal is a hard, apparently lead-free alloy (pewter?) that holds the details of the castings well.

SY Pend FIW 3
Many of the figures of regular troops would fit in nicely with Dave's SYW range, as a bonus.

SY Pend FIW 4
Recommended. Rating 7.5 to 9.0 out of 10. Pendraken have continued to add to their quickly growing range of figures with this new release. And, in their catalogue, you'll also find the 10 mm terrain items to go with them-

For contact by mail:

Lynne and Dave Pengilley
1 Easby Grove
North Yorkshire
PH: 44-1642 460 368

SY Pend FIW 5
This isn't a period in which I have any interest, so I won't need these samples. I can't even find time to paint the troops for periods I'm already collecting. (and who mentioned gaming? In my dreams....!) As a special offer, the first person who orders 25.00 (or more) of this range's figures, and who mentions this review, can have my samples- I'll send them to you free of charge (economy airmail).

Take care.


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