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Figure Reviews: 28mm
AWI by Perry Miniatures

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

March 27, 2003

SY Perry AWI 1

Image courtesy of Jarvis Collegiate, Toronto, Canada

The Queen's Rangers were originally formed during the French & Indian Wars. They were raised again in 1775, as a loyalist regiment. Consisting of both cavalry and infantry arms, most men heralded from the state of New York and numbered approximately 300-400. They distinguished themselves at Brandywine and other battles, suffered serious losses throughout the Revolution, and were at the surrender of Yorktown in 1781. Considered a premier British fighting force, they also were known as the "1st American Regiment".

Alan Perry (Perry Miniatures) has recreated the regiment and they're the BEST Perry / Foundry AWI figures I've seen. Anatomically, the miniatures highlight a move by Perry Miniatures to a more natural look, migrating from the overly exaggerated expressions and elf-like appearances found in much of the Foundry line. The figures' stances and bearing (particularly in the case of box AW26, "Riflemen, Center Coy, skirmishing") illustrate excellent research of the period and the unit's battlefield function.

(To avoid redundancy, I'd suggest reading my review on the Perry AWI Highlanders, as I'll focus solely here on the Rangers.)

The infantry was divided into grenadier, center, and light companies. Some were designated as riflemen (I've distinguished such in my painting by giving them red cords for their powder horns). The following scans are some center company options:

SY Perry AWI 2

SY Perry AWI 3

These figures are a true 25 mm, from foot-sole to eye-level. The castings are exceptionally clean and were shipped -- not in bags -- but nice little black boxes.

Any Negatives?

No. I'm pleased with the design, casting, service, and the direction of Perry Miniatures. There really are no drawbacks to purchasing these delightful troops.

But retaining my position as one of the Net's true curmudgeons, one might quibble about the fact plumes were not supposed to be worn in the field. And one might point out that contemporary accounts indicate the unit had a rather ragtag appearance.
SY Perry AWI 4

It's a separate topic really. Alan has traditionally depicted his miniatures in uniforms as they might have appeared shortly after being issued. There is nothing historically incorrect in doing so or about the excellent detail. Such certainly increases the level of colour on the gaming table. My own preference, however, would be to have troops portrayed a month-or-two into a campaign, thereby increasing the level of realism. So far, my limited assortment of AWI figures composed of Perry, Foundry, and Front Rank figs, look a little too well-groomed.


The Queen's Rangers receive a well-earned "10". I like them even better than the Samurai figs recently reviewed (they also earned a 10). One can only hope Perry Miniatures will continue growing and moving towards realistically rendered figs. It brings to the fore the true sculpting talents of Alan and Michael.

It Feels Great to be Upbeat for a Change!


Good Gaming,



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