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Figure Reviews: 30mm Assorted
Figures from Willie/Edward Suren

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

Edward Suren’s 30 mm Willie Figures:
Anatomically Correct, Sans Detail

22 June 2003

Rev. John Park's pics has generated interest among our readers over the past week and made some converts. The wonderful sense of movement and anatomical grace Suren's figures offered has been appreciated. While not perfect (note the absence of sculpted hands), today's designers could cull a great deal from one of wargaming's true pioneers and masters.

Here are some more War of the Austrian Succession pics.


SY Suren-2 1

SY Suren-2 2
SY Suren-2 3

14 June 2003

(Also see Mike's review of these figures. Dal.)

I just received some very thoughtful pics of Reverend John Park's (Morpeth, Northumberland) 30 mm Willie collection. John wished to give all of us a chance to see what Willies looked like in their heyday, when casting quality wasn't suspect (see my review). We'll post a few more over the coming weeks. Thanks, John!


SY Suren-2 4

SY Suren-2 5

SY Suren-2 6


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