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Figure Reviews: 28 mm
Seven Years' War Teddy Bears by Eureka

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

When the going gets really tough in mountainous country, us Yanks don’t call on Delta Force, but the 32nd Smokey Mountain Rangers!

SY Eureka SYW Bear

32nd Smokey Drummer

I don’t know if hemp cultivation is part of the operation at Eureka Miniatures (That's extremely possible. And lead poisoning also can cause erratic behavior.... Dal). But when I first saw Nic Robson’s release of a range of SYW bears, I was exasperated. We need 15-20 mm SYW humans!

However, I ordered some from a favorite merchant, and they make a nice, inexpensive Christmas gift. Picture a company of them outside the local porridge shop. They’re very easy to paint and you can let your imagination run wild.



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