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Greek Ships by Xyston

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

May 16, 2003

Last week I reviewed Xyston's Greek ancients range. Along with the foot samples Ian Scott (Hetzerdog Trading Co.) sent me, were enclosed two examples of Xyston's warships. I am even less conversant about naval warfare during this period, so the purpose of this brief overview is to bring the line to the attention of you sailors.

Xyston has a nice web site at They are manufactured by "i-Kore", who in addition to the ancients lines, also produce fantasy figures. The following description is from their site: "To support the 15 mm land armies we have released a range of 1/600th scale warships. These are specifically designed to fit on 80 mm by 40 mm base used in DBM. Beautiful models in their own right, combined into fleets they are perfect for any ancient naval battles."

SY Xyston Ship1

SY Xyston Ship2

"Beautiful" might border on hyperbole, but the ships, sold in blister packs, are handsome and the casting quality is first-rate. My only small peeve was, in not being much of a model builder myself, I found the lack of assembly instructions an oversight that needed remedy with a simple line drawing. Many people new to the period may not have a clue where a rudder goes. However, photos are available on their web site, which does address the concern to a degree.

SY Xyston Ship3

SY Xyston Ship4

In checking the web site, I liked the fact that in addition to the warships, the line contains transport ships and sailors! As in the case of the foot figures, i-Kore is showing some real creativity and not simply addressing the bread-and-butter releases gamers need.

They're not inexpensive. A 1/600 ship sells for 5.00GBP, or $7.95 USD. But (as in the case of their Greeks), so long as they produce quality product as shown here, people should be willing to pay a slight premium... at least I would.

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