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Figure Reviews: 10mm
British Infantry by Pendraken Miniatures

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I am normally only interested in 15mm Napoleonics (there are only 24 hours in a day and that’s all I can make time for). But comment on a TMP message board caught my eye and I inquired about a line of 10mm minis. A speedy response to my email promised a few free samples. Three weeks went by and a package arrived. No return address, no markings, no note. But inside were a dozen assorted 10mm figures - halfPendrakenReview French, half British. So 10 points for the minis, but minus 50 points for not including a note, business card, or (better yet) catalog. I had forgotten about the request, and had not saved the email. So I had to just email 10mm makers at random to find out who sent them. Still, someone was willing to (a) show off their product by sending a free sample and (b) invest in a potential customer by mailing the minis from the UK to the USA. Three cheers! You can buy these figures direct.

Here is one British soldier after a modest paint job (and I thought 15mm was small). All in all, a very nice figure. Well proportioned (a key gripe of mine and many other gamers) even in this scale this is a human, not a gnome. The uniform and equipment detail is very nice. The crossbelts are clean (unlike the  “scrambled eggs” so common to many 15mm minis). The face has a nice level of detail without being too complex so it looks nice even with no shading or washing at all (as done here). The pose is also nice - advancing with some energy without falling victim to the common Old Glory failing of putting soldiers into highly contorted poses more suitable to the comic book world. The British infantry came in 3 poses (marching, firing, advancing) while the French came in 2 (march attack I think, and firing). All of the sculpts were of the same high quality.

I have to say I am impressed enough that I am seriously toying with an idea I have had for a while - doing an entire Battalion at 1:1. With 10mm figs this nice, that project has come off the wish list to the true potential winter 2003 project. As I get the rest of the samples painted, I will post further photos and comments.

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