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Coastal Command:
World War 2 Naval Rules

Coastal Command is a set of rules for recreating World War 2 naval battles focusing on smaller ships dedicated to coastal duties. There is also a campaign system available, as well as ship data and scenarios.

This version is for use with small castings and a Hex map.  This section contains tactical rules that can be used as a complete game system or elements can be used to supplement an omitted section from another set of rules.


  • Time: One turn = 30 seconds
  • Distance: One Hex = 30 yards
  • Speed: One Movement Point = 2 knots
  • Ship: One casting = One ship
  • Crew: One section = 1-5 men

To download a file, RIGHT click the link and choose “Save Target As”

This page last updated May 1, 2005


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