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Flames of AwesomeSauce

I am a fan of the Flames of War rules set and supporting army books. Played in 15mm, on a standard 4 x 6 foot table, however, the game offers limited opportunity for true maneuver. One easy fix is simply to switch scales. I still play in 15mm but now I also play it with 1/285 Micro Armor. I had “half scale” rulers made (marked off in half inches), based my infantry on half size bases, and add some house rules. As a result my 4x6 game mat now plays like an 8 x 12 table! I generally play the “long” way which gives the defender the ability to actually fall back to a second line, and now having reserves is much more critical to plus holes and react.

Here are my “house rules” for the game, which I dub Flames of Awesomesauce. I originally called them Flames of Epic, but too many gamers thought they were a WW2 adaptation of Epic Armageddon the GW science fiction rule set.


There are two files you’ll need. One is the set of house rules, the other is a Quick Reference Sheet. The QRS is 4 pages because I print it with bigger fonts to make it easier to read, and because I add charts for unit stats throughout so you don’t even need to refer to the rule book for your unit info!

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