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Fire! Ogon! Feuer!
WWII Skirmish Rules

These rules are designed for use by both beginners and veteran players. Play can be quick and easy OR made more realistic and slower by adding advanced options.

Combat during World War II focused on volume of fire into a specific area combined with rapid movement of combat units. The weapon systems were poor by modern standards and there was a constant design battle between shell penetration versus vehicle armor. According to US tactical manuals, in 1944 a US Sherman tank firing at a stationary tank only 1500 yards distance, had to fire 13 rounds at the target before it reached a 50% hit probability.


  • 1 Turn = 30 seconds
  • 1 Casting = 1 vehicle
  • 1 Infantry counter = 5 men or 1 weapon's system
  • Distance scale varies. See Rules

To download a file, RIGHT click the link and choose “Save Target As”

This page last updated May 1, 2005

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