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Flames of War BattleCards

I’m always on the lookout for ways to get players into games faster and easier. The quicker and easier it is to play, the better it is for everyone. Recently I hosted a game of Flames of War. I happened to know that of the six players only one had played before. One player was even at his first miniatures game ever. So I wanted to find a way to create summaries of unit/vehicle statistics that would be more “user friendly” than the Arsenal pages. I decided to borrow a concept from the SciFi/Fantasy gamers and make come unit stat cards.

I used Powerpoint to create a simple template. It was then easy to simply modify the template for each unit type. It included all of the armor, firepower and special rules stats a player would need during the game. It also included a nice picture (to help out some WW2 noobs who may not know a T-60 from a PzIII). Here is what one looks like:FoW_Battlecard

When printed it measures 3” x 5” - this is helpful if you have older members who may not be able to read pale gray 6 point italic type. It could easily be reduced to business card size if you eliminate the picture. But I like how it looks.

So I am making available to you the template. It contains a number of Russian and German cards already done for you. If you have access to Powerpoint you can download the file and edit it for your own use, adding units and cards as you need to.

10.12.09: I picked up the Fortress Europe book and made cards for a good number of American vehicles and a few infantry cards. I also made a PDF version of the file for gamers who do not use Powerpoint.

To get the file click here.

The USA cards in Powerpoint are here.

The cards as a PDF are here.

The USA cards as PDF are here.

If you make up some cards for your army, send them to me and I’ll add them here as well.


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