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Guards du Corp 2004: Operational 
Rules for the Napoleonic Wars

This is the third revision for the Guard du Corp system. The first Classic (Gold Cover) 1983 version was self-published. The second (Red box) 1989-90 version was published by Xeno games. I have never pushed the Red Box edition as I felt that the publisher failed to proof read the material as can be seen from the American Civil War artwork in the set. Though the Red Box edition contained a Divisional Command version for tournament play most groups still tend to use the Classic edition for their games.

This version will be made available for fans of the GdC system with some revision and some basing modification options. The Army lists are the available numbers reflect a total countrywide availability rather than a Corp/Army percentage reflected in the tournament Army Lists. When work on the revision started it was delayed by a change of focus to writing the smaller scale “War Eagles” system which is at a 1:30 scale. But since I have received so many requests, I decided to go ahead and finish the project.

An effort such as this requires much play testing and valid input from many people. Though it has been over twenty years and some players have moved on to other venture, I would like to thank the following people and groups. Some of the people include Gray Strickland, Chip Russ, Bill Jarrell, Jeff Dander (deceased), Richard Zamudio, Mike Preston, Bill Gray, Rick Schofield, Bill Perry, the 101st MI  & Ft Riley Game Club (1981) and The Auburn University Wargame Club (1984-86). In addition I would like to thank the members of HMGS Heart of America that still play GdC and have provided some good comments.

Guard du Corps is a miniature gaming system that is designed to bring as much realism as possible to the operational level of Napoleonic Wargaming.  As a player and historian, I have attempted to analyze the available data without a favorable bias for any particular nation. Several optional rules have been included which may unbalance play by affecting certain countries but add a little more realism to the system.


  • One casting equals 60 men
  • One turn equals 15 minutes
  • One inch equals 50 yards with 15 mm and 6 mm castings.
  • One inch equals 25 yards with 25 mm+ castings.


To download a file, RIGHT click the link and choose “Save Target As”

Guard du Corps 2004 Version: The file contains the rules, optional rules, army lists and combat charts in a single file.

This page last updated May 11, 2005

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