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Dragon Rampant:
The Mines of Romia Scenario

The fabled settlement of Romia was a small but brilliant jewel in the Dwarven kingdom. Romia DoorBut it fell to the Goblins and for many years lay in darkness. Three years ago, however, under the fiery leadership of Malik, son of Glunmar, it was recelaimed. The halls lay mostly in ruins, and there were many structural faults that needed repair. Collapses and cave ins were common. But most of the major wor has been done and Malik and his clan look forward to now getting on with the full restoration of at least the eastern halls, for they are too few to settle the entire settlement.

Meanwhile, under Shabbaloth, the Goblins want Romia back. They have mustered an army and have a plan. They have identified a small side door in a steep mountain valley. They hope to issue a feint against other entrances drawing guards away from this door. Then a fast, fierce part of the army will strike, and gain a foothold. If successful, they will be followed by a large mass of levy troops who will flood the tunnels and passageways with Goblin kind and so retake the settlement.

Download the scenario here.

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