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To the Strongest:
Custom QRS and Roster

At the club we have been playing To the Strongest for many ancients and dark agesTtS games. And as always, I’m always looking for ways to improve player aids, especially as we are usually teaching the game to newcomers. So I created a combo Quick Reference and Unit Roster card that I fill out and give to each player.

On the front are the key charts from the game, as well as a roster of their troops with the associated stats. On the back is a list of key game mechanics with a summary of how to perform each.

This is a PDF, which you can download and fill in for your games.

For the roster, there is a space for Unit ID (I number my unit stands so a player can see these troops are unit 1 and find Unit 1 on his roster easily. The unit type is the historical name, such as Huscarls, or Hoplites. Then data and under special rules I add all the troop specific rules, etc.

If an upgrade changes a stat - like a better save for an upgrade to Veteran - I change it right on the roster so players needn’t remember. They just look on the roster and see the modified number they need. Here’s a preview of the roster page:

TtS RosterPic

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