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Dragon Rampant:
Scenarios & Resources

Lately my local gaming club have been enjoying the Dragon Rampant game from Osprey Wargames. At one point we started a campaign (which I hope to resurrect again soon). But here are some scenarios and other items for players of this lightweight, but fun, game:


The Mines of Romia: A multi-player scenario for Dragon Rampant. Designed for 5 players on a 4x6 table, and using 15mm figures.

Orc Flag

My Dragon Rampant campaign rules, using the boardgame Wizard Kings as a base.


I made a custom roster that is, for me, much more logical and easier to read than the one in the rule book. I also made a QRS which is especially helpful for new players. Get a PDF of them both here.

Or download a Powerpoint of the file

Note: Ignore the first page and the Recon Value column - these are only used with my campaign game.

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