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FNG: Unconventional Warfare

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TITLE:  FNG: Unconventional WarfareFNG UW

AUTHOR: Darby Eckles and Ed Teixeira

PUBLISHER: Two Hour Wargames



PRICE: $20.00 (in 2008)

REVIEWED BY: Mark “Extra Crispy” Severin



FNG: Unconventional Warfare is an 80 page, comb bound book. With color covers and a black and white interior, it features the same simple layout as most other Two Hour products. It is a supplement to FNG and, as such, is not a stand-alone set of rules. It only includes variants, additional army lists, and other rules. It is intended to be a blend between a pure tactical miniatures game and a role-playing game. The players play the Elite forces, while the Communist side is controlled by the game’s AI.

Because the game focuses on elite units such as LRRPs, MACV-SOG and the SAS, the book makes a number of changes to the base rules. Attributes, for example, are changed to reflect these troop types. Gone are “shirker” though you can still be clumsy or short sighted.

A new addition is Skills. Figures make skill checks by opposed die roll. Roll a die and add your Skill level. This si checked against the toughness of the task, plus a die. For example you have a skill level of 3 with mechanicals. You try to repair/start a jeep. The toughness is deemed a 2. You roll a 5 for a total of 8, the opposed roll is a 3 for a total of 5. You get the jeep started.

As with an RPG you build your team, recording all the attributes and skills. You have access to new weapons (Claymores, Hushpuppy .22s, Uzis, etc.). The game system then generates missions and runs your opponent by die roll. In accordance with the style of game, included are new/expanded rules for:

  • Encumbrance
  • Hit Location (no more dead/not dead combat results)
  • Wire Taps
  • Capturing Prisoners
  • Weather and Terrain
  • Insertion, Extraction and LZs
  • Ambushes
  • Dogs
  • Random Encounters - roll 3d6 to see what you find!


A good part of the book is devoted to Missions. Essentially the game system sets the mission and runs the enemy forces by die roll. Thus, FNG Unconventional Warfare would make a perfect solo game (this summary being written during the 2020 SARS-2 lockdown!).


Another interesting and unusual entry in the world of miniatures gaming.


Not played.

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