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First Glance: A man among boys. They’re called 15 mm but look closer to 20. Not just in height but width as well. These guys are all built like football players! But despite their size they are only average figures.

Anatomy: The frame is a bit problematic. This soldier is just too broad in the chest, compared to the rest of him. He not only measures a full 18 mm from boot sole to eye, he runs 7 mm shoulder to shoulder. He’s just too darn wide! He also suffers from a slight case of the ham-hands. Seen in a lineup, he really dwarfs all the other figures in 15 mm. He might look just a tad small with 20 mm, however.

The Finer Things: The sculpting is nice enough, with a real blend of high and low contrast details. The musket is well done, as are most of the straps. The exception is the cross belt running from right shoulder to left waist. Somewhere under the other straps it takes a major dogleg....

Second Chances: Additional samples confirm my initial impressions. The figures tend to be very tall, and very wide. More than a few look like kites to me, with the massive torso playing the kite to the legs’ tail. The grenadier looks like he’d be airborne in a second, given a stiff enough breeze!

The Lancashire figures are certainly inexpensive. But mixed with any other range are going to look seriously out of place. I would consider them for rank and file in 20 mm if cost were a concern, otherwise I think this is one line I’d probably pass on.

SBS AWI 15 Inf Lanc A
SBS AWI 15 Inf Lanc B
SBS AWI 15 Inf Lanc C
SBS AWI 15 Inf Lanc D
SBS AWI 15 Inf Lanc E
SBS AWI 15 Inf Lanc F
SBS AWI 15 Inf Lanc G
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